STH Travel

STH Travel offers travel, special package tours, honeymoon tours, cruises, visa services to every point in the world. As solution partner in corporate travels it is the number one.

Corporate Travel

It delivers its guests beyond their needs with corporate-specific designs. Motivational and Incentive Trips, Training and Dealer Meetings are the scene of unique experiences with STH.

From Home Office to Hotel Office

STH Travel is the trendsetter of the future: it is the pioneer of the concept from home office to hotel office. Thanks to the programs of STH Travel, which combines remote work with vacation, employees are also motivated to work while on vacation with their loved ones.

International and Domestic Tours

Offering personal and group programs for those who want to explore the beauties of the World, STH designs unique experiences as well as classical routes. With STH you get service for visa and tickets in safety and wide range of transfer and accommodation.